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CHARLES ABRAMS: PAPERS AND FILES An authority on housing and discrimination, including financial and political ramifications, this professor/author dedicated his career to improving human living conditions.



FORMAT: 53 reels of 35mm microfilm


ACCESS: Printed guide. Free with collection.

GEORGE BANCROFT PAPERS This American historian's papers span much of the 19th century and include a wealth of Civil War material. French political history with detail on the Franco-Prussian War is included.



FORMAT: 7 reels of 35mm microfilm


ACCESS: Printed guide. Free with collection.


DIARIES OF CAPTAIN JOHN GREGORY BOURKE A skillful Indian fighter and cavalry officer, Bourke became a noted anthropologist. Often humorous, his diaries reveal a sympathetic and comprehensive understanding of the American Indian and detail his research on Indian customs. Maps and drawings are included. The 124 volumes span the years 1872-1896.



FORMAT: 10 reels of 35mm microfilm


BRIGHT/HUNTINGTON COLLECTION Encompassing the pre-Revolutionary years through the late 1800s, this material includes letters and papers penned by George Washington, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Lafayette, Horace Mann, John C. Calhoun, William Seward, and others.



FORMAT: 1 reel of 35mm microfilm


JOHN BROWN LETTERS The abolitionist leader discusses in detail his personal feelings concerning slavery and the civil strife over that issue. Correspondence includes the last letters addressed to his family prior to his execution for treason at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, in 1859.



FORMAT: 1 reel of 35mm microfilm


SIR GUY CARLETON PAPERS General Carleton was the last commander-in-chief of the British Army in America. His carefully preserved papers include letters written between 1747-1783--some intercepted. Included are letters by George Washington, Lord Cornwallis, Benedict Arnold, General Burgoyne, John Hancock, and the Marquis de Lafayette, among other historic figures. The French view of the Revolution is also presented.



FORMAT: 30 reels of 35mm microfilm


THE DEFOE PAPERS Daniel Defoe is widely recognized as the creator of the modern novel, but his influence extends far beyond literature into the realms of history, economics, politics, science, and medicine. This collection brings together for the first time some 500 of Defoe's books, tracts, pamphlets, addresses, letters, and writings on a wide variety of subjects, including business, economics, geography, politics, space travel, history, religion, and world events. The collection is based on John R. Moore's Checklist of the Writings of Daniel Defoe.



FORMAT: 39 reels of 35mm microfilm


FRANK B. GILBRETH PAPERS This Purdue University professor was considered a pioneer in industrial management, engineering, and time-and-motion study. Notebooks, articles for publication, material for courses he taught, correspondence, and press releases are included.



FORMAT: 4 reels of 35mm microfilm


EMILY HOWLAND PAPERS Educator, reformer, philanthropist, and women's rights leader, Howland became a symbol of the unmarried woman in a role of leadership. She received an honorary doctorate at the age of 98.



FORMAT: 15 reels of 35mm microfilm


ACCESS: Printed guide. Free with collection.


THE WRITINGS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON Originally published by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Association, the documents and manuscripts in this compilation include his autobiography, letters, official papers, addresses, and other writings.



FORMAT: 5 reels of 35mm microfilm


JOHN B. JERVIS PAPERS, 1795-1885 Engineer-builder of railroads, canals and aqueducts, Jervis received worldwide recognition in the 19th century. His papers also provide interesting commentary on farming and Presbyterianism in his time.



FORMAT: 13 reels of 35mm microfilm


THE HENRY LAURENS PAPERS Laurens' experience as a merchant, planter, public official, and revolutionary leader in South Carolina are described in important letters and documents written in the period 1747-92. The papers include commentary on Laurens' peace mission to Great Britain in 1782, which led to his imprisonment in the Tower of London.



FORMAT: 19 reels of 35mm microfilm

ACCESS: Printed guide


DAVID HUNTER MILLER PAPERS Peace efforts following World War I are seen at close range in these records. Lawyer-historian Miller served as legal advisor to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace and later as counsel to the post-war German government.



FORMAT: 6 reels of 35mm microfilm


JOB PARSONS DIARIES Job Parsons diaries were filmed by the University of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV


FORMAT: 2 reels of 35mm microfilm

  • 1 reel contains: 1874; 1884; 1886; 1887; 1888; 1893 & 1894
  • 1 reel contains: 1875; 1879; 1880 thru 1883

RUFUS PUTNAM PAPERS AND MEMOIRS In 1788 Putnam founded Marietta, the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory and the future state of Ohio. George Washington later named him Surveyor-General. Conferences with Indians are among the subjects covered in these papers.



FORMAT: 2 reels of 35mm microfilm


GOLDWIN SMITH PAPERS, 1823-1910 The British-born Canadian emigrant gained wide recognition during his lifetime as a historian, educator, editor, and essayist. Always controversial, he criticized imperialism, women's suffrage, socialism, political corruption, and ecclesiastical coercion, among other targets. Letters, diaries, manuscripts, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings are included.



FORMAT: 28 reels of 35mm microfilm


ACCESS: Printed guide. Free with collection.


THE WILLARD STRAIGHT PAPERS Development of U.S. foreign policy in the Far East around the turn of the 20th century is traced in these personal and official documents written by diplomat-financier Straight, an articulate participant.



FORMAT: 12 reels of 35mm microfilm


ACCESS: Printed guide. Free with collection.


THE ALBION W. TOURGEE PAPERS Soldier, author, statesman, and a white champion of Negro rights in the South, Tourgee wrote many novels based on personal experiences. The native Ohioan published the Greensboro (N.C.) Union Register during the Reconstruction period but often was threatened for his unpopular views and finally moved to New York State.



FORMAT: 60 reels of 35mm microfilm


ANDREW DICKSON WHITE PAPERS, 1832-1918 The co-founder and first president of Cornell University was also a U.S. diplomat. He traveled and wrote extensively and received voluminous correspondence from a wide circle of friends and admirers. This collection contains over 100,000 items.



FORMAT: 149 reels of 35mm microfilm


ACCESS: Printed guide. Free with collection.

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