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Media: 105 x 148mm microfiche
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This incredible microfiche program is designed to replace the 60 looseleaf volumes published by Barclay's Law Publishers with approximately 300 space-saving microfiche. The microfiche edition contains the same information--all the regulations emanating from the over 200 state agencies comprising the California regulatory system.

Now lawyers, law librarians, students, researchers, and legal professionals can have at their fingertips the administrative codes that form California law--the state that is most watched for new interpretations and precedents nationwide.

Here's how the codes of an enormous state organization distill to a comprehensive, organized, space-saving, and current reference source for your library:


  • Each year, UMI® films the fully updated codes in their entirety and sends them to you, along with a table of contents.
  • As the new year begins and codes are amended or repealed, we film and index the changes and send them to you approximately once a month in the form of a register update.
  • Along with your register updates, you receive a cumulative table of sections affected. This allows you to quickly locate any additions or amendments to the section you are referencing.

This updating process requires no time-consuming interfiling. The updates are simply slipped into the storage binder provided, and you are ready to determine in minutes what, if any, changes have been made to the particular regulations you are researching.

*Note: beginning in 1989, Parts 2-5 of Title 24 are no longer included.

Comprehensive Index to the California Code of Regulations The annual Comprehensive Index to the CCR is the only index that allows access to both the microfiche CCR edition and the looseleaf edition published by Barclay's Law Publishers. The Index is kept current via a cumulating monthly update service that monitors any additions or changes to the body of regulations.

The Index makes the CCR more manageable, more accessible, and by doing so reduces your research time from hours--even days--to a matter of minutes.

The entire code is indexed by subject, using a controlled thesaurus developed by UMI's professional staff of lawyers and librarians to facilitate data retrieval. In addition, two authority tables simplify research by citing the Regulations-to-Statutes and Statutes-to-Regulations--a cross-referencing system that makes it easy to move back and forth from regulatory data to regulatory source.

The CCR Index also includes a retrospective history table, which cites all changes to regulations, including additions or repealers, from January 1, 1975 to the current month.

Whether you choose to take advantage of the compact microfiche California Code of Regulations and Index together or use the Comprehensive Index as a companion to your paper copy of the Code, you will save research time and have the most current information available on California regulatory law.

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