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2,440 titles on microfiche - a complete historical resource
A printed short title list is supplied.

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2,440 titles on microfiche - a complete historical resource

In association with the British Library and other major research libraries

In the nineteenth century the art book came into its own, spurred on by new methods of illustration and by an expanding public. Works in every format documented the growing output of contemporary art, architecture and design, as well as the visual creativity of past times and distant cultures on which artists often drew.

Nineteenth Century Books on Art and Architecture is a wide-ranging, English-language corpus of critical, historical and biographical works on art. It provides an indispensable guide to the artistic and creative climate of that period, in an extensive microfiche reference resource.

This collection covers virtually the whole range of English-language art publications of the period. Besides reproducing outstanding works of lasting research value, it also samples extensively from minor literature to provide a full conspectus of nineteenth-century art publishing. The sources range from major reference works and historical surveys, through pattern and instruction books, to artists' monographs, art theory and criticism.

This unparalleled resource permits in-depth study of many important themes such as stylistic fashion and controversy, the growth of exhibitions and art institutions and the role of women in art, to name but a few. It offers both a rich mine of primary material and a fascinating insight into the nineteenth century's own experience of art.


Nineteenth Century Books on Art and Architecture is a complete collection, covering 2,440 titles on a total of 10,000 monochrome and colour fiche. These provide a substantial art library for the study of the following subject areas:

- The creation, iconography, style, theory, criticism, history, biography, patronage, collecting and dissemination of works of art, architecture and design.

- Architecture and the aesthetics of buildings

- Sculpture and monumental art, painting, graphic arts (e.g. drawing, engraving), graphic design (e.g. commercial art) and the illustrations of manuscripts and books.

- Design and decorative arts, including ceramics, glassware and stained glass, metalwork, jewellery, costume, textile design, interior decoration and furniture

- Ornament, colour, perspective, proportion and other aesthetic qualities directly bearing on the visual arts

- Photography in its aesthetic aspects

In this collection, the historical, critical and biographical facets of all these topics have been thoroughly covered. Manuals, pattern books and trade catalogues have been extensively sampled and many other publications - guidebooks, exhibition catalogues, and encyclopaedias, for example - are well represented.

The collection has been specially compiled and edited by Trevor Fawcett, formerly Visual Arts Librarian at the University of East Anglia Library - it is not based on any existing bibliography.

While each title is reproduced in its entirety on monochrome microfiche, colour plates have been selectively reproduced on separate colour microfiche where colour is an essential part of the original book.

Nineteenth-century art books are still widely consulted. However, the legacy of these printed publications as we approach the millennium is a troubled one. Not only do researchers have very limited access to them, but the physical condition of many of the books - particularly those printed on woodpulp paper after 1845 - is deteriorating alarmingly. Nineteenth Century Books on Art and Architecture at once makes scarce materials openly accessible and ensures low-cost preservation of fragile original editions.

Sample Title List

Audsley, George Ashdown - The Ornamental Arts of Japan, 1882 - 84

Barry, Sir Charles - Illustrations of the New Palace of Westminster, 1849-65

Buchanan, William - Memoirs of Painting, 1824

Cockerell, Charles Robert - Antiquities of Athens and other Places in Greece, Sicily,1830

Cook, Millicent Whiteside - How to Dress on £15 a Year, as a Lady, 1873

Cox, David - A Treatise on Landscape Painting and Effect in Water Colours, 1814

Dafforne, James - The Albert Memorial, 1878

Davis, Charles - A Description of the Works of Art Forming the Collection of Alfred de Rothschild, 1884

Ferrey, Benjamin - Recollections of A.N. Welby Pugin and...Augustus Pugin, 1861

Field, George - Chromatography, or A Treatise on Colours and Pigments 1841

Gambart, Ernest - On Piracy of Artistic Copywright 1863

Gruner, Ludwig - Fresco Decorations and Stuccoes of Churches and Palaces in Italy, 1854

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert - The Present State of the Fine Arts in France, 1892

Humphreys, Henry Noel - The Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages, 1848

Jewitt, Llewellyn F.W. and Hall, Samuel Carter - The Stately Homes of England, 1874-77

Liberty & Co. Ltd. - Art Furniture, 1884

Linton, William James - Wood-Engraving: a Manual of Instruction, 1884

Mackail, John William - The Life of William Morris, 1899

Marillier, Harry Currie - The Early Work of Aubrey Beardsley, 1899

Maw & Co. - Patterns of Encaustic Tiles, 1853

National Association for the Advancement of Art and its Application to Industry - Transactions, 1888, 1890-91

Nicholson, Peter - An Architectural Dictionary, 1819

O'Neill, Henry - Illustrations of the...Sculptured Crosses of Ancient Ireland, 1857

Orrinsmith, Lucy - The Drawing-Room, its Decorations and Furniture, 1878

Ram Raz - Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus, 1834

Repton, Humphry - Designs for the Pavilion at Brighton, 1808

Rossetti, William Michael - Ruskin, Rossetti, Preraphaelitism: Papers 1854 to 1862, 1899

Smith, George - A Collection of Ornamental Designs after the Antique, 1812

Society of Female/Lady Artists. Catalogues, 1857 - 1898

Stirling-Maxwell, Sir William - Velazquez and his Works, 1855

Waagen, Gustav Friedrich - A Walk through the Art-Treasures Exhibition at Manchester, 1857

Willis, Robert - The Architectural History of ... Canterbury Cathedral, 1845

Wyatt, Sir Matthew Digby - The Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century, 1851-53


A printed short title list is supplied.

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