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Part I examines the internal conditions and international politics of the Russian Empire, focusing especially on domestic affairs. Over 500 documents alone discuss the Revolution of 1905, with considerable attention paid to the deeper social forces motivating the revolutionary movements. Other topics covered extensively include the Balkan crisis, the pogroms of the 1880s, and military and foreign affairs-especially Russia's role in the European rivalries that culminated in the First World War. Selected topics from Part I include the following: * The Polish uprising * anti-Semitic pogroms * defense of Russia's western frontier � political effects of Russia's economic position * survey of Russian aims and power * Russia's Far Eastern policy � opening of the Trans-Siberian Railway * pressures for political reform * Bloody Sunday-troops fire on crowd in St. Petersburg � the government's labor policy * strikes throughout Russia * communal strife and the peasant movement in Transcaucasia � religious liberty and church reform * Potemkin mutiny � fighting in Odessa * Polish nationalism * disorders in the Baltic provinces * establishment of constitutional and representative institutions * Moscow uprising defeated by the government * elections for the Duma * Latvian terrorism * political surveys * influence of the socialists * rise of the Octobrist Party * Stolypin's agrarian reforms * the Russo-French alliance * war with Japan * military reforms � intrigues against Stolypin * civil rights in Russia * Russo-Finnish relations * Russian opinion and foreign policy � Russian pro-German elements * Russian naval expansion in the Black Sea * western zemstvo crisis * assassination of Stolypin * outbreak of First World War

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