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This part comprises three subseries. The first covers the critical period of 1917-1921-years that witnessed two revolutions, Allied intervention, and the civil war. The second subseries examines 1921-1931, with special emphasis on the struggle to succeed Lenin, Stalin's rise to power, the first Five-Year Plan, and the collectivization of agriculture. The final subseries chronicles the period 1932-1939, including the emergence of Stalinist centalized autocracy and the passage of the 1936 constitution. It also offers considerable material on the Soviet financial system, foreign trade, the development of Soviet industry, the Great Purges, and the direction of Soviet military and foreign affairs. Selected topics from Part II include the following: Allied intervention in Russia * Finland and the Baltic States break away from the Russian Empire � the establishment of independent states in the Caucasus * the White Russian movements of General Wrangel and General Denekin * the Social Revolutionary movement * the Civil War in Russia * the establishment of the Soviet state * the Kronstadt rising * the Soviet-Polish war * the establishment of peace on the Soviet Union's European borders * Soviet-German relations and the Treaty of Rapallo * social and economic problems in the new state * the Soviet political police * Soviet foreign propaganda * the death of Lenin * the defeat of Trotsky and the rise of Stalin * the first Five-Year Plan * the collectivization of Soviet agriculture * social life in Leningrad * the growth of the "New Class" * Soviet reactions to the advent of Nazism * the Soviet Union and the League of Nations * Soviet popular-front policy * the Kirov murder * the purge trials * the purge of the Soviet High Command * Soviet industrial development * the state of the Soviet armed forces and the approach of war * Polish-Soviet relations * the Nazi-Soviet pact

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