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Library services platform that is designed to unify your library, managing all resource types: electronic, print, and digital
Consolidates your library processes such as acquisition, purchasing and digitization for improved library efficiency
Supports evidence-based decision making via advanced analytics for optimizing your collection

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Alma is designed to ensure that your entire collection can be managed through a single interface and that you can continue to serve students, instructors, and researchers with a collection optimized for their needs. With Alma you can manage all the resource types your collections include within a single interface, including electronic, print, and digital. In addition, Alma fully supports the collaboration crucial for your institution in the modern academic environment with built-in support for different levels of consortium arrangements. Alma’s active user community, open standards, and rich collaboration capabilities allow your library to benefit from the experiences and innovations of other libraries worldwide.

Operational Efficiency with Rich, Automated Workflows

Alma provides flexible, advanced configuration options so that no matter what your library’s needs and workflows, they can be fully supported and automated.

A Single Unified Solution, No Matter the Format

Choose a solution that brings all your resources together and break down the silos in your collections. Alma handles the management of electronic, print, and digital resources from a single, integrated interface.

Collaboration & Community

Alma supports collaboration with built-in support for different types and levels of consortium arrangements. Alma’s active user community allows you to learn from others’ experiences and benefit from their own additions to the Alma platform.

Better Decision-Making

Alma supports evidence-based decision making for optimizing your collection. With Alma analytics, you can track use of your collections, determine the best use of funds to serve your user community, and compare your library to industry benchmarks.

Grows with Your Library’s Needs

Alma’s open standards ensures smooth integration with third party solutions and the ability to extend library services through the use of rich interfaces and APIs.

Lower maintenance costs

Alma’s cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture provides significant savings in maintenance and IT support costs.

User Engagement

With smart cataloging, special collections management, advanced metadata and seamless integration to Primo, Leganto, and campusM, Alma's infrastructure is designed to improve your user experience and increase usage of your library services.

Support & Training

What can we help you with? The Ex Libris Knowledge Center is an open, comprehensive and fully searchable repository of documentation, FAQs, training resources (videos, PDFs, and presentations), support articles, and more.

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