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ProQuest® Professional Development provides educators with research-based technology integration strategies and tools for customizing instruction and assessment using our online learning resources. Schools receive the materials they need to build professional development and instructional models that can maximize teacher efficiency and effectiveness while improving student achievement.

ProQuest Professional Development makes successful implementation and ongoing use of online supplementary instructional material easy. It helps educators explore and better understand not only how, but also why, standards-aligned online tools and content can ease and enhance lesson planning and instruction—all using replicable techniques already in use in the classroom.

Educators receive rubrics, assessments, activities, and content designed to spur students’ information literacy skills, critical thinking, and reading and writing abilities, while increasing their own technology usage. Plus, our flexible model ensures that all instructional staff in a school or system will benefit from the lessons learned.

With our professional development program you will:

  • Increase student activities that require critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills
  • Integrate technology into and across the curriculum effectively and efficiently
  • Facilitate the delivery of technology-infused curriculum by integrating content and process into instruction
  • Give educators repeatable, flexible models and activities for classroom instruction
  • Ensure quality of teaching materials by providing access to content aligned to state standards and reading levels
  • Learn to leverage and use the technology you already have
  • Boost digital information literacy of both teachers and students
  • Receive eligibility for CEU credit

Why ProQuest Professional Development?

  • Can be modified for single site or district use
  • Customizable to any classroom setting, no matter the subject or technology
  • Cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach supports all educators
  • Requires no methodology change to existing teaching processes
  • Delivers a complete process for developing, creating, sharing, and assessing online activities
  • Provides a less expensive technology integration solution compared to other providers
  • Provides supplemental, facilitating content that teachers need regardless of existing textbook and curriculum solutions
  • Supports student remediation, extension, and enrichment activities
  • Supports various student learning styles
  • Content Type: On-site training program

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