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National and sub-national data for countries of the world
Detailed aggregated datasets
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International Datasets is a unique collection of international, national, and difficult-to-find subnational data highly sought after by business, economics, social science and multidisciplinary researchers. It enables users to compare datasets through powerful visualization tools and upload their own datasets for comparison. It provides a dynamic platform that enables research collaboration through customizable topic organization and sharing options.

“…a wealth of datasets generated by governments, international organizations, and research firms. Users are able to browse global, regional, and national-level statistical data organized into 14 broad subject headings… Summing Up: Recommended. All academic levels; general readers; professionals/practitioners.”
Choice Reviews Online: Internet Newsletter February 2016

  • Content Type: Datasets, Figures, Tables
  • Ease of use. A user can easily browse and search a wide variety of data easily including hard-to-find sub-national datasets in a single platform.
  • Data can be presented in many different chart types, including choropleth maps, making data visualization easy.
  • The platform provides the ability to easily compare data for countries, as well as dataset topics.
  • Data can be exported and shared, making it easy for research teams to use and to aid work on multidisciplinary research projects.
  • The platform provides a single platform for analysis, offering the ability to upload your own data and to compare it to datasets within the product.
  • Users can create their own topic pages or datasheets from as many different datasets as they like to help manage and organization their work.

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