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U.S. 20th Century via primary/secondary sources
Essays & features unpack key events and movements
Unique primary sources from ProQuest microfilm
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The use of source documents offers learners of all ages a direct glimpse into the past. But without context, these sources can confuse as often as illuminate. SIRS® Decades® places these resources into a relevant framework for understanding that enriches both the content and students' experiences with the material. SIRS Decades features more than 5,000 hand-selected primary and secondary source articles highlighting key events, movements, people, and places in twentieth-century America.

SIRS Decades coverage includes documents, letters and memos, editorial cartoons, streaming video, websites, photographs, maps, advertisements, and published articles—some available from the ProQuest microfilm vault for the first time in digital format. Titles include: Atlantic Monthly, Billboard, Current Opinion, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, Harper’s, Library of Congress, McClure’s Magazine, Musical America, National Archives and Records Administration, North American Review, Records of War Relocation Authority, Science, Scientific American, Scribner’s Magazine, and Woman Citizen.

Our editorial staff carefully curates material based on its relevancy to the topic, range of viewpoints, authoritativeness, readability, and extent of coverage to ensure that users receive best-of content.

Each decade features an overview essay, spotlighted images, and list of related topics. By selecting a topic, students can access specific primary and secondary sources associated with the topic and further background essays that place the sources into context. All documents include a summary, which provides brief contextual information and description of the source.

In addition, Document-based questions (DBQs) and So What? callouts for every topic help students work with the sources and better understand the modern implications of historical events.

  • Content Type: Historical Newspapers, Historical Periodicals, Newspapers, Other Sources, Pamphlets and Ephemeral Works, Pictures, and Graphics

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