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A Visionary Archive

Working Women

Follow a time of turbulent change with records and correspondence covering issues like the treatment of women by unions in several Midwestern industrial centers, and the influx of women to industrial centers during the war.

Topics covered:

  • Women’s work in war industries
  • Equal pay
  • Childcare and race
  • The Women’s Army Corps

Key resources:

  • History Vault:
    • Women at Work during WW II
    • Southern Life and African American History, Plantations Records
    • Slavery and the Law
    • The NAACP Papers

Herstory, Between the Pages of Leading Magazines

Explore women’s history, gender roles, fashion, and more with cover-to-cover digital collections, from the late 19th century and into the 21st century:

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Women and the Vote

Breaking Barriers

See how women have changed attitudes and events in history, culture, and politics in the U.S. ,the U.K., and worldwide.

Learn about leaders, including Gloria Steinem, Rosa Parks, Mary McCloud Bethune, and Hillary Clinton – not to mention the editors of women’s magazines, and so many others.

Topics span slavery and divorce petitions to voting rights to leading branches of the NAACP and civil rights to liberation to holding government offices to shaping business, culture, fashion, and style.

Key resources:

  • Alexander Street Women’s History collections, including Interviews: Women Activists Discuss Their History
    The editors of Women and Social Movements International organized two extraordinary sessions at the 2011 Berkshire Conference in Women's History, assembling six leaders who have shaped women’s international activism through the United Nations' Conferences on Women, 1975-1995.
  • History Vault:
    • Struggle for Women’s Rights, 1880–1990: Organizational Records
    • Women’s Studies Manuscript Collections from the Schlesinger Library: Voting Rights, National Politics, and Reproductive Rights
    • Slavery and the Law
    • The Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century, Organizational Records and Personal Papers
    • The NAACP Papers

Plus, discover more via Women’s Magazine Archive, The Harper’s Bazaar Archive, The Vogue Archive, The Women’s Wear Daily Archive, and Country Life Archive.

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Women in Politics


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